We are delighted to welcome the latest edition to our Health and Safety Team, Ian Sanderson. Ian joins us as a Health and Safety Advisor after many years of operating a limited company in the field.

Having worked with resident HSE Manager Alex Swallow previously at Theddlethorpe, when the position became available, Ian was aleady first in Alex’s mind, so Alex reached out to him directly to discuss the position. Having spent many years working twelve-hour days with a two hour commute, Ian was looking for a lifestyle change, and so he was excited to accept the role.

Driving the HSE culture forwards

As part of Alex’s team, and in his role as Health and Safety Advisor Ian is the focal point for employees on site. Anywhere in the country, wherever he is needed, Ian is there to give help and advice to the team on site and provide reassurance that our HSE team is a resource that is there to help them, not just a back-office function. They are there to affect their days in a positive way.

Ian joined us six weeks ago, and already he is a very well-regarded member of the team. Ian commented, that “without exception, everyone has been really kind and helpful.”

He added, “it’s nice to talk to people on all levels, from the guys on the nuts and bolts to the people at the top.”

A man of many passions

Outside of work, Ian has many passions that feed into his professional life as well. He has been involved with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for almost eighteen years, starting as shore crew until he made helm. Ian is now with the Launch Authority. This means that, if a boat is required Ian is contacted by the Cost Guard and he sanctions the launch if possible. He is also responsible for Trauma Risk Investigation Management, which is something he uses as part of his work at Blackrow as well. Ian believes it is incredibly important to check on the team’s wellbeing in all aspects.

Ian commented, “it’s a big responsibility but it’s something I’m very passionate about, and we’re looking forward to the new station which should be completed in the coming Spring.” In fact, the lifeboat crew that Ian is part of are the only crew ever to have been fully decorated by the Duke of Edinburgh and they have all been awarded bronze medals for gallantry.

In addition, Ian is a keen motorcyclist, target shooter, sailor and even a Mason!

Looking ahead to the future

At Blackrow, we have very big plans for HSE. Alex and his team have already been working hard towards achieving our additional ISO certifications, which Ian is looking forward to be helping with saying, “I think that will be a real crowning moment for Blackrow as a company.”