In March we announced our involvement in a new steel sculpture we were designing and manufacturing that would encourage people to recycle their single-use plastic. 

We are pleased to unveil, on Thursday 20th May 2021, the latest community, environmental project, a stainless steel globe that illustrates the importance Cleethorpes has as a feeding stop-off point in global migration.

The project was a collaboration with North East Lincolnshire Council and followed on from the success of ‘Hammy the Haddock’, which has proved to be a popular focal point on the Cleethorpes Promenade.

The aim of the Globe is to encourage locals and visitors alike to recycle their plastic on their visit to our coastline, whilst simultaneously adding an element of an attraction along the North Promenade.  

The stainless steel Globe is 2 metres tall, and the unique design is crafted to illustrate the vital role Cleethorpes plays in one of the largest international bird migrations on the planet, across the East Atlantic Flyway – which allows the Humber Estuary to act as a rich feeding ground, and ‘pit stop’ on their journey.

Designed by one of Blackrow’s owners, Glenn Ritchie, and manufactured by skilled tradesman Kris Salt with apprentice Tom Hill, the intricate process of the build took around 350 hours to complete. 

Gary Pexman, Director at Blackrow, explained the process.

“Once the design was agreed, it was turned into profiles and fabrication drawings. DXF files were issued to our laser cutting department to be nested and cut on our 6kW Bystronic Bystar Laser Machine. 

After de-burring the individual pieces, Kris and Tom began manufacturing the Globe, welding together the base and skeleton with a Tungsten Inert Gas process before blasting the sculpture using a ceramic bead to clean up the welds and begin the intricate work using hand tools to form the continents, and illustration of the international bird migration.”

Once the lengthy process was completed, the sculpture was lacquered by Lincs Industrial Painters to protect it from coastal weathering, and ensure the longevity of our seafront’s latest attraction.

Cllr Callum Procter, the portfolio holder for Tourism, Heritage and Culture at North East Lincolnshire Council, commented, 

“The team at Blackrow Engineering have done an excellent job in designing and creating this magnificent sculpture for the North Promenade in Cleethorpes.”

“I’m grateful to Blackrow and all the other sponsors and those who donated via the Crowdfunding campaign to kindly support this project to bring a stunning new attraction to the seafront.”

“By highlighting the important role Cleethorpes plays in one of the largest mass migrations on the planet, we hope more people will respect the resort and make the effort to keep it litter-free."