Our Chief Engineer rang me personally to say what you have delivered was exceptional, he is very impressed with the turnaround and content, he felt they had selected the right partner in Blackrow. Big personal thanks for me, this needed to be a good one and you nailed it.

Parts Manufacturer

For those that were involved in this project the chiller is now up and running and we are extremely happy with our installation and appreciate all our efforts in solving their issue.

Food Manufacturer

Just a quick email on the installation in Kolkata India.

Jason has assisted me on the mechanical installation. He arrived a few days before me and organized and unloaded the deliveries. He organized what order equipment was needed and start of each day organizing what was to be brought into the factory and overseeing this.

The installation of the conveyors was particularly difficult height and position and the high temperatures in the factory. With a mono-rail to pick up the conveyors and only 10mm clearance precision and patience was required and with the local labour not up to much I heavily relied on his knowledge and suggestions. 

Jason is able to lift awkward loads in very tight spaces (as you know) but I was really impressed with his out of the box thinking. He has a fantastic work effort and nothing is ever too much trouble. Having worked with him before I was so pleased that he was coming to India as I knew who and what I was getting.

He is an asset to Blackrow I will always ask for him. I cannot speak highly enough of him and look forward to working with him again.

OEM Manufacturer

Firstly can I just say thank you to you and your team. It’s refreshing how easy they are to talk to, really good team. Also, the cabinets that have turned up, are really, really good quality. Placed next to the cabinets with our old supplier the difference there to see.

OEM Manufacturer

First of all, thank you for your time spent today competing H&S Site Audit.  As discussed, please accept this email as a confirmation of a Green Card to Blackrow for their exceptionally good practice during my Safety Walk, especially where it comes to storing harnesses and lanyards as well as segregating their work area with barrier tape.It was really encouraging seeing team work during the safety walk and I felt the need to recognise it with Green Card.

Health & Safety Site Manager, Lorien Engineering Solutions

A fantastic result and a difficult job made easy by the team who attended. Professionalism showed at all times and they practically owned the whole job from start to finish with only minor involvement by myself absolutely when required.

My first experience with Blackrow at another food manufacturing site and, as I expected, the attending team were a pleasure to work with.

Food Manufacturer

Your team showed really professional ways of working in terms of segregation and organisation of their workspace as well as in storage areas.

Although this isn’t a surprise for us as we successfully completed several projects with your team already, it is important to me to recognise that.

It was well appreciated throughout the different departments of the factory as well as from the project team.

OEM Manufacturer

“I would really like to thank Chris and Mike for their help with the unloading and positioning of the line. As a small business we don’t have the experience in moving the equipment that they handled. They were fantastic from start to end, I haven’t come across such good external engineers for a long time. What impressed us the most was that they just got on with the job at hand, no complaining or standing around talking, without them we would have really struggled. I would call Blackrow up if we needed any help in the future. “

Michael Staples, SLK

For the record I believe one of Blackrows strengths is being able to assess the challenges in hand, contribute and provide immediate solutions at a moment’s notice.

What the team have achieved from both design stage to manufacture is simply outstanding.