To mark World Day for Health & Safety at Work, we're highlighting our commitment to maintaining the health and safety of our employees and maximising our impact within the working environment.

Our safety aspirations are encapsulated by PEAR: Zero harm to People, the Environment, our Customers & Reputation.

Blackrow inspires others to think about safety, ensuring that it is an important factor of our daily working routine, by practising this daily becomes a positive working habit. 

We have implemented Safety Observations Report to our WorkForce and on top of this, we have had substantial SORs put into our HSE Department.

On the back of this, we have chosen the card which highlights a daily observation, recognising its conduct to safety, therefore we congratulate this and gift a prize.

This was a very positive Card which highlighted good practice working with lifting tackle while removing a Chuck over with the correct lifting gear and correct Pre-use inspections & correct handling.

Although all our SOR Cards have been good spots in the workshops and on-site and thank you for raising the Observation Cards and continue to contribute good working practice.