Today on Global Recycling Day we are delighted to announce the latest recycling project that Blackrow will be involved in locally.

Following on from the success of the local community project that we collaborated on with North East Lincolnshire Council to create ‘Hammy the Haddock’, we have been chosen to take on the next effort to encourage keeping our beaches clean and plastic free.

Keeping Cleethorpes seafront clean

As was the case with the iconic Grimsby haddock sculpture, this new installation will aim to encourage plastic bottle recycling and discourage littering. With hundreds of thousands of visitors, both local and holiday-makers, coming to our seafront every year to enjoy the local businesses and natural beauty it is hoped that this installation will attract attention and participation from visitors.

Grimsby and Cleethorpes coastline is recognised as a Special Area for Conversation, and as such is protected by UK law. The sculptures are part of an ongoing local environmental initiative.

Introducing ‘The Globe’

The new sculpture will be a 2 metre tall globe constructed from stainless steel. The design will also take inspiration from the array of birds that visit the Humber Estuary as part of their migration, highlighting the important role that the area plays in the survival of these species and educating visitors on the importance of keeping the area plastic and litter free.

The sculpture is set to be installed on Cleethorpes North Promenade, and like Hammy the Haddock will be used as a bin for plastic bottle recycling with an opening for the bottles to go in. The design allows visitors to see the bottles accumulating inside and will showcase the vast amount of plastic bottles that will be recycled safely rather than damaging our coastline and our wildlife population.

A word from Gary Pexman, Director

Hammy caused quite the splash in our local community, and already there is a buzz about the upcoming globe project. Our Director, Gary Pexman, sat down with the Grimsby Telegraph to discuss the project.

Speaking on behalf of the team at Blackrow, Gary commented “we are delighted to have been chosen to be involved in the Globe Recycling Sculpture project, it is crucial that we look after our environment and what a fantastic way to help.” Our skilled tradesmen will be taking on the design, manufacture and installation using traditional sheet metal fabrication techniques.

By using a high grade stainless steel Gary explained that this will ensure that the sculpture “will be around for years to come.”

We look forward to bringing you an update on the project’s progress soon.