After a period of extensive investment, we are pleased to announce the improvements that the £1M injection has provided Blackrow, and the benefit that it will provide to our clients.

Already catering to a wide client base in sectors from food and pharmaceuticals to power generation and renewables, this latest cycle of investments will allow us to provide an even wider range of design, manufacture, installation and engineering services at an unparalleled level of quality.

In addition to the £90,000 NitroCube that we mentioned in our recent post “Blackrow go self-sufficient in the production of Nitrogen for laser cutting processes” which introduces the innovative piece of equipment replacing the traditional process of ordering Nitrogen by producing it on demand with air from our workshop, the money is also being invested into infrastructure, people and some impressive machinery.

In particular, over the last 12 months, we have tripled the size of our machine shop and electrical department allowing us a much higher output capacity and the ability to take on even larger-scale projects than before. Some noteworthy equipment additions include a brand new 4000m/220-tonne Amanda press brake which will take up residence in our sheet metal department. This will provide enhanced precision with sheet metal fabrication projects; plus an XYZ milling machine which will greatly benefit our precision machining services.  

Two new lathes have been purchased, a capstan lathe and a five-metre lathe, which will in turn speed up the production of elements requiring multiple identical cylindrical pieces. Our workshop has also welcomed a 12” stroke slotting machine which will be used in our high volume output projects with enhanced consistency.

Finally, our new horizontal borer will increase accuracy for large components and a new 75-tonne hydraulic press have been added which will increase our capacity for projects involving bending, pressing and extruding elements such as ball joints and bearings.

Investment in infrastructure and people has also been high on our list; we are proud to announce the creation of a dedicated Sales & Marketing Department who are charged with generating and executing an effective sales and marketing strategy to nurture client relationships and achieve our growth targets.

Having spread the investments across multiple different areas of the business it is our goal to ensure that our clients continue to see the benefit of improvements made at Blackrow whatever their project requires.